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  • Should I feel pain or soreness after my massage?
    If you feel pain please communicate to your therapist, it should not hurt you. You may experience soreness after a massage.
  • How do I prepare for my massage?
    Be hydrated, rinse off-environmental pollutants, perspiration, chlorine and give yourself enough time to arrive on time and relaxed will better your massage experience.
  • I’ve never had a massage before, should I start with a shorter time?
    It depends, it could be a good place to start if you are experiencing high levels of pain and unable to tolerate the too much stimuli.
  • What’s the difference between 30 minute, 60, 90 and 120 minutes massage therapy sessions?
    More time typically is allotted for more extensive, in depth treatments. Shorter treatments may be targeted to specific areas and all an individual may be able to handle. These options also may be to meet the restraints of time/money one has to utilize for treatments.
  • Will I receive pain relief after 1 massage therapy session?
    Most often do, this also depends on how long the issue has been going on, what the pain relates to (injury, repetitive motion, surgery, headaches, etc)
  • How often should I get a message?
    Once a month is generally a good maintenance plan. Depending on your goals and how quickly you are able to achieve them varies from 1-2 x wk initially, gradually increasing time between sessions reducing frequency to wkly then every other week to once a month.
  • What if I need to cancel or change an appointment?
    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy, if you need to cancel or change your appointment please do so 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.
  • What is cupping?
    The application of suction to the body also known as negative pressure myofascial release causes contracted congested muscle tissue to release within minutes of placement.
  • Do I tip my massage therapist?
    This is up to you and if it gives you joy to do so, do it.
  • Do you secure valuables during a session?
    All belongings will remain in the treatment room your sessions are conducted in.
  • When should I NOT get a massage?
    Fever, contagious diseases (cold, flu no matter how mild), under the influence of drugs/alcohol including pain medication that alter your pain receptors, recent operations or acute injuries, neuritis, skin disease.
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